Originality - Stand out from the crowd

Are you still using the images your supplier provides?

Take control of your images and how your work is represented online.

Image creation is a skilful time consuming and labour intensive process and time is money.

You already put a ton of time, effort, and money into this venture, don’t cheap out when it comes to photography.

Some will use the images supplied by their supplier while they may be good images, you will look like all the other drop shippers and Chinese sellers that use the same pictures. Others will pop the item in a light cube and take a photo with their phone or camera.

In Etsy’s buyer surveys, 90% of shoppers said the quality of the photos were “extremely important” or “very important” to a purchase decision. 22% of returns were by people who say the item they received did not match the photo.

These images are your main form marketing for your product, they are what you will use to bring customers to your listing.

So before you think about hiring a SEO expert to get your listing onto the first page of the search, look at your images and think why would a customer click on my listing?

Making photography part of your strategy of bringing a project to market will help you achieve more sales.