Get organised before booking a photographer.

Image creation is a skilful time consuming and labour intensive process and time is money.

Before diving into your product shots, make sure you connect with your photographer and tell them exactly what you’re looking for. Are there specific angles of the product you need to get? Does the label need to be visible in every shot?

What is the product?

What are its obvious qualities? (Colour, size, texture, function, shape)

What are the hidden attributes or uses that you find interesting? These features may not be obvious to buyers, but can really sell an item.

Is it portable?

Does it make a great gift or party favour?

Was it made with a special process?

If you designed it, what inspired you?

Check through your stock to find the best example you have maybe send multiple samples to the photographer so they can choose the best one for the job.

Planning makes perfect, so gather the info you need before booking your photo shoot.